Common Sense, Discipline, Social Responsibility, And Time

For a variety of reasons, the United States, and most of the rest of the planet, for the past year, experienced, the worst pandemic, in over a century! Although, even the original cause of it, is still, debated, there is little doubt, this nation, handled it, worse than many others, did! That is based on data and statistics, because, even though, we only have about 4.5% of the world’s population, we also, have seen, approximately, 25% of the cases, and 20% of the deaths! For a nation, which prides – itself, on its level of health care, and being, advanced, related to others, our results have, obviously, been, far – less – than – stellar! Unfortunately, the rhetoric, and promises, of President Trump, as well as his attempt to deny, minimize, and blame his political opponents, and refuse to set an example, based – on, what the experts suggested, amplified, for his core supporters, a level of impatience, lack of social responsibility, refusal to wear masks, social – distance, etc, which has made, escaping from this, even more challenging! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a common sense, path, to proceed, forward.

1. Common sense: Why do some, make such a big deal, about wearing a mask, when nearly all, public health experts, and scientists, clearly, state, doing so, would significantly, effectively, flatten – the – curve, and reduce the spread of the virus? The same is true, in terms of avoiding crowds, etc! Unfortunately, as we’ve often, witnessed, in terms of the behavior and actions, of political leaders, using common sense, is, all – too – rare!

2. Discipline and patience: It’s normal to be experiencing, Pandemic Fatigue, but, letting that, dictate our approach, is, at best, counter – productive! The only way, we can get out of this, sooner, rather than later, is, to proceed, with patience, understanding, and discipline. Only, if most people cooperate, get the vaccination, wear masks, and avoid super – spreader situations, will we end this horrific period!

3. Social responsibility: Wearing a mask, is important, perhaps, more, to protect the public, than yourself! Don’t we all, have a degree of social responsibility, and, need to do, our part, in beating – it? Those refusing to wear a mask, adhere to social spacing, and realize, overall public health, and keeping people healthier and alive, will only be accomplished, by social responsibility!

4. Time: Although, we all wish this could end, overnight, it will take to time, to end the horrific pandemic! Populist, short – sighted rhetoric, impatience, blaming and complaining, inadequate planning, etc, won’t make it stop!

Wake up, America, and demand our public officials, are prepared, ready, caring, and put the health, and well – being, of all our citizens, ahead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Our future depends on listening to experts, rather than so – called, geniuses, and proceeding, in a well – considered manner!